Monday, February 22, 2016

How to perfect your pout

Stemming from stars like Angelina Jolie and then Kylie Jenner 2015 was the year of full plumped lips. Get the look in eight, quick, and simple steps without spending a fortune on injections!!

Step 1: Exfoliate!!
Exfoliating your lips stimulates blood flow giving your regular lips a fuller look. Gently rub Tarte’s lip exfoliant from Sephora (CAD. $21) ,our favorite and simple at home remedy using just a tablespoon of brown sugar, a dash of honey, and a drop of vanilla, or if you don’t have those laying around simply use a tooth brush lightly brushing your lips with the bristles.

Step 2: Foundation
Apply whichever face foundation you use over your lips providing a smoother lip application. The foundation will give your lips something to hold onto making it harder to come off during the day.

Step 3: Line those lips
Get a lip liner that matches the natural colour of your lips, line them just slightly over your actual lip line, and around the cupids bow. Using a colour that matches the tone of your lips will allow you to control the size and shape. We suggest M.A.C lip pencils offered in many different shades (CAD. $19.50).

Step 4: Colour!
After your lips are lined to your desired size and shape fill them in with your lipstick. It has been advised that when trying to get a full look to avoid darker colours, nudes and pale pinks are a go to! As much as we all love our promiscuous red lips, darker colours tend to flatten the look.

Step 5: Lip gloss
Lip gloss adds a natural sheen to your lip. If you do not want to use a coloured gloss, apply just a clear coat! The lip gloss will make your lips appear plumper, especially when it hits the light.

Step 6: Conceal
Using whichever concealer you already have for under your eyes, lightly apply it around your bottom lip just under where they are lined. This will clean up any smudging and will allow your lips to look perfectly shaped with no mess. Always remember to blend the concealer!!

Step 7: Highlight and bronzer
This is not super necessary, especially on days when you are going for a more natural makeup look. However applying just a little highlighter above and around the cupids bow as well as in the center of your bottom lip will allow the glow to make your lips pop even more! Taking the smallest amount of preferably a cream bronzer, lightly apply it around the middle of your bottom lip creating a shadow that enhances your lips.

Step 8: Our lips are sealed!

One of the best “tricks of the trade” is to hold a Kleenex or paper towel over your lips and lightly dab powder onto it. The powder helps set the lipstick or tint on your lips just as it would with the rest of your makeup. Now seal your plumped lips with a kiss!

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