Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kanye West Taking the Fashion Industry by a Storm

When you think of Kanye West’s style evolution, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Mine are those longline tees that every fashionable guy is layering with to add that ‘swagger’ to his outfit. Fast fashion retailers like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 cannot get enough of Kanye West street style looks by feeding their customers with his inspired merchandise. Kanye West is becoming a household name in the fashion industry from his humble streetwear beginnings to his high-fashion looks, it's safe to say that Kanye West's style has changed making he become a Game Changer in the wonderful world of fashion.

In the beginning of Kanye West’s career, he was known for some daring fashion choices like wearing suits with sneakers, baggy jeans, and the ‘sunglasses at night’ stage. I would say the turning point for Kanye West style evolution and when the world finally took notice is when he found Mrs. West or has the world knows her as, Kim Kardashian. Everybody remembers Kim Kardashian weird sense of style back in the day. Three words; juicy couture tracksuits. Kanye West changed Kim’s style dramatically into more of an individual and now everyone is taking notice of her too. They are currently known as the ‘it’ couple in the fashion world to keep a close eye on.

In case you haven’t already known this, to topped of his resume with his successful career in the music industry he is actually a fashion designer. His latest venture is collaborating with Adidas to make a high-fashion ready to wear line called Yeezy. Once again taking the fashion industry by a storm with a very high demand by consumers for his collections. One of his most popular items include his sneakers and bomber jackets seen on many celebrities including the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

I’m sure most of you are now wondering how to get the Kanye West style look and how you can actually pull it off no matter what gender. It is quite simple and easy while giving others the idea that you actually tried when we all know you didn’t. It is all about layering, for a guy you can grab a simple longline tee, a plain old hoodie, and dark denim or tracks for a causal look. For a girl, you can grab a simple crop top, bottoms of your choice, and throw on a Yeezy inspired bomber jacket. You can find affordable options at stores like Forever 21 and Zara. After throwing these outfits on you will totally know why the world is taking the Kanye West style by a storm.

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