Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sneakers and Suits ??

Spring 2015 Menswear Trends

  Although sneakers are an all around fashion trend through out all seasons, it becomes more evident and more of a “wow” factor during the spring/summer seasons. However, when combined with a sleek suit and an even sleeker man, it is an automatic trend. 

A lot of people may not agree with pairing suits with sneakers because for a long time suits were something a serious business working man would wear. Which is sort of true; I mean what down to earth guy would wear suits just for the heck of it. But maybe if you changed the style of the suite and added sneakers and replaced part of the look, it could be an outfit that any ordinary guy would and could wear.

To make the sneaker and suite trend even more of a relaxed yet stylish look, these are some steps you could make:

1. Replace dress shirt with a basic t-shirt
Instead of wearing a dress shirt with your suit, you could replace it with a basic t-shirt:

This would give it more of a relaxed yet still a well put together outfit. It would be fit for a party, a small gathering, even just you wanting to look presentable and still feel comfortable.

 2. Get rid of the tie
Another simple and more of a common way to change the suit and tie look is to get rid of the tie itself:

This alternative will give men more of a reason to spice up the look. They could wear sneakers that allow for the wardrobe to pop. Or they could wear a shirt with patterns.

3. Mix and Match
Mixing and matching is the most popular trend of spring 2015 menswear when it comes to suits. Colours have become more evident in menswear as well as mixing and matching different colours and patters to create a bold and unique look.  Also mixing and matching different fabrics and adding different colour belts and ties give it an even more wow factor. For example, instead of wearing dress pants you could alternate with dark jeans. Instead of a blazer you could opt for a sweater.

4. Accessories
To go for a more casual look, things like watches and hats could be added to accessories the sneaker and suit look. Even just a hat could do it. You want to make sure you avoid adding to many accessories as it can result in a busy looking outfit that is over accessorized.

5. Bright/Subtle Sneakers
Bright sneakers have been such a huge trend in the past couple years. You see them everywhere and on everyone. This could also be an addition to the sneaker and suit look. You don’t have to just opt to dark sneakers or white sneakers. You can alternate with different colour combinations as well as colour blocking. If you wear an all black suit with a white shirt you could spice it up by wearing colourful sneakers. And if you’re wearing a colourful suit and you maybe mixed and matched it with different fabrics and accessories, you can tone it down by wearing all black sneakers or all white sneakers. Or even black and white sneakers, as long as it is a subtle colour that wont take away from your look.

So to all the men out there hesitant to try different looks with their suits, don’t be afraid. Try new things, add colour, and add a variety of different fabrics. The options are endless. Go for it!!

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