Friday, February 06, 2015

Sweat the Style

As fashion evolves, so do the rules that come with it.   Athletic wear has been embraced and appreciated both on the streets and on runways of New York, Milan, and Paris and has been a very important trend for the past few seasons.  Major fashion houses like Chanel and Prada have taken the sporty trend and transitioned it into a luxurious one with sneakers made of luxe materials and dressier sportswear. Though wearing sweatpants out of your house may have been a serious offense in past years, streetwear has broadened the opportunities for the modern fashionista.  With the rise of sneakers and stylish sweatpants, many brands have made sweatpants that are still comfortable but remain stylish and trendy.  If done properly, your cozy outfit can easily be transitioned from your couch to your workplace.

Sweatpants are so comfortable because of their loose fit but this is also why they’re pegged as looking sloppy.  To deter from looking like a college freshman, wear sweatpants that are tapered and slim fitting.  A tailored pair of sweats is more flattering and gives a more appealing and much different aesthetic than the typical baggy sweatpant.

Make sure they’re dark.  A pair of heather grey sweatpants may look better but it also emphasizes the casualness of them.  Try to opt for a darker hue – black, navy, or charcoal.  At first glance, a darker pair can pass as real pants and that’s the real goal.

Wear a dressier top to balance out your bottoms.  A top can change the entire look and it’s just as much about the top as it is the sweats.  By adding a crisp white button down or a loose-fitting silk blouse can take the look from casual to formal instantly.

Instead of pairing your sweats with a pair of sneakers, which can make you look like you belong in the gym instead of the office, pair them with a dressier pair of shoes.  A pair of pointy pumps or a strappy heel can easily dress up the look of sweatpants and can also be a look worn out into the evening.  Even a pair of dress shoes like a modern oxford can enhance a more formal look.

Keep it simple.  The athetica trend has changed the sweatpant game and now sweatpants are available in a variety of patterns and unique colours.  But if you’re trying to look professional and be taken seriously in your workplace (depending where you work), try avoiding loud patterns and bright colours.  It’s best to wear a more muted and subtle colour to draw the least amount attention to your lower half.

Want to take your cozy boy outfit to the real world?  Follow these simple steps and you can transition your lazy day outfit to your workplace (and get away with it).

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