Friday, February 06, 2015

It's raining men


                              Spectacular sights for the sore eyes

Toronto may be known for its major attractions such as the CN Tower, the shopping district, and the various museums; but the main attraction that is most often overlooked is the men. Just like the zoo there are many different creatures that need to be observed, to be appreciated. Now, you may notice strolling through the city that a lot of the men are diverse when it comes to fashion. They all have a different sense of style and those that correlate tend to group together in specific areas. Does your ideal man have a certain type of style but you don’t know where to find him? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, get your maps ready because I have your guide to the men in the city.

The Alpha

Ruling the financial district (Bay St.) these men make their livings in the sky-high towers of banks and law firms; and feed their hunger at the hottest restaurants around. They depict power, stability, and confidence. Their style is known for always being put together with tailored suits from either Gucci to Canali, shoes made of Italian leather, and slicked back hair. Women tend to love this type of man for their ability to take charge in stressful situations or for more selfish reasons such as their financial leeway to take them on spontaneous getaways to the Caribbean.

The Wild Ones

Most often seen roaming Kensington market and the Ossington Strip, these men are known as Hipsters. They enjoy sporting Vans and Ray-bans along with cutoff jean shorts and button-down shirts. The beanie is their go to accessory and a skateboard is their preferred mode of transportation. They are laid-back and would rather spend an evening in a pub than being in a high-strung restaurant. Ladies are attracted to this type of guy because they’re guaranteed for a good night out or they want to rebel against their family who don’t exactly understand today’s trends.

The Show Stopper  

Wearing bold prints and velvet suits, strutting their fashion forward style down the Fashion District (Queen St.). These men are risk takers and don’t have a care in the world for what other people think. They prefer to bask in luxury and visit the chicest places in town than to pub-crawl or thrift shop. They also tend to allure women who love living the high life and are just as fashion forward and luxurious as they are.

 The Watering Hole

Now, just because these men can be pin pointed on a map where they’re usually located, it does not mean that they never come together in the same place. Your local café might just be their favorite spot to wind down or your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant may be their guilty pleasure. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled ladies because they’re all travelers of the city; it’s just a matter of if they peek your interest with both their looks and personalities. They all have similarities one way or another.

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