Friday, February 06, 2015

CALLING ALL LUMBERSEXUALS! A Spotter's Guide to the Newest Man Trend

Say goodbye to the previously popular metrosexual, and hello to the lumbersexual! The days of clean shaving, slim-cut pants and narrow ties are long gone. We are now seeing the rapid rise of the lumbersexual. This new man trend consists of a rugged man with three distinctive features that separate him from the everyday man. He spends the same amount of money; however, he looks filthy, on purpose. And though both the metrosexual and the lumbersexual may work in the same kind of environment and carry the same things in their bags, the metrosexual is carrying ‘murse’ (also known as a man-purse), whereas the lumbersexual carries a backpack. The next time you're out and about downtown, you will be able to see these key features and distinguish the lumberjack.
Not by the hairs on my chinny chin-chin
The unkempt, shabby beard has got to be the most important feature of the lumbersexual! The beard trend, made famously fashionable by celebrities like George Clooney and Jared Leto, has gone from a 5 o’clock shadow to full blown Santa Claus lookalike. The ability to grow a beard is the epitome of manliness, so of course this craft beer sipping, wool hat wearing man would need to let his bristles grow. If you are not entirely sure whether you can pull off the bearded look, use Movember as an excuse to test it out. The good thing about the beard is if you start to grow it out and it appears to look less like the lumbersexual and more like a boy now entering puberty, you can shave it and start over, and over, and over again till you get it right!
Plaid on Plaid on Plaid   
You want to dress like a lumbersexual? Then you are going to need to step out of Massimo Dutti and into L.L Bean. Adorned with pieces inspired by mountaineering, waterproof coated flannel and nylon pants that can provide protection from a chain-saw blade never looked so good in that underground bar! But if you have no need for clothing that can protect you from a potentially hazardous accident on your two-minute walk from the subway to school, why not go for a flannel button-up that feels soft to the touch and ‘regular cut’ jeans with a cuff to exposed those RedWing 875 work boots? Flannel on its own or open to expose a crewneck t-shirt both offers lumberjack flavour. So the next time you are in the mall shopping for new digs, remember flannel is the staple of the lumbersexual’s wardrobe. If you can put an outfit together that looks like it was thrown carelessly together, and you have your beard grown in, then you have completed two of the three crucial steps to looking like a lumbersexual.
The Man Bun
Oh how popular the man bun has become. It comes in all shapes and sizes high and low. Samurai-like with a bun on top and shaved all around, or the classic messy bun once again incorporating the “I could care less…but I really do care” attitude that the lumbersexual is known for. Yes, there is a pattern to this lumbersexual man trend. You no longer need to visit your local barber or wash your hair very often because greasy long locks is essentially what you are going for here. 
Added Bonus…Tattoos!
Lastly, tattoos. Though not a staple, they add a certain rough edge. When you have your hair in a disheveled bun and your beard with a flannel, sleeves rolled up to expose tattoos of anchors and pin-up girls, the mix to drive girls wild has been formulated. So the next time you are out and you notice this kind of guy, no, he is not dirty, he probably put a lot more effort into his look than may be visible to the naked eye. He is a lumbersexual! Who knew dirty could look so sexy?

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