Thursday, October 02, 2014

Service Journalism Assignment

The Best Places to Find Unisex Clothing in Toronto.

Binary Breaking Buys!

In fashion, there is a binary within gender. In society, fashion is what generates a persons identity based on the clothing they wear. If one wants to stray away from conforming to the norms of society and fashion, shopping at these three stores will be a great start and work to your advantage.

1. Value Village
Don’t let the endless clothing racks and harsh florescent lighting intimidate you. Expect to find your whole wardrobe here.
Value Village is known by most to be their “go to” thrift store. The company is a privately owned chain and there are 315 stores across North America. Here in Toronto, there are eight locations to choose from. The most popular location can be found at Bloor Street West and Lansdowne Avenue. This is where most seem to find their best pieces. Contrary to what people may think, the store is well kept and shelves are always being restocked with new rare fashion finds for both men and women.  Don’t ever be afraid to hop over to the opposite gender’s section. Here at Value Village, there is something for everyone and binaries between women and mens clothing tend to be broken. 
2. American Apparel
Unisex basics that will captivate the style wants and needs by both men and women.
Not only is all of the clothing produced and manufactured in the US and the company is “sweatshop free”, most of their inventory is unisex. Unisex and on-point-trendy? Unbeatable combination. Within the downtown core of Toronto, there are three American Apparel locations. The store is known to carry all of the latest trends and basics. Most of the exceptional denim, flannels and basic tees are made to fit the average man and woman. Everyone should feel comfortable when walking into American Apparel and going to either the men’s or women’s side of the store. 
3. Black Market
Head down to the Fashion District where the mysterious basement warehouse store carries endless alternative fashion finds.

Located conveniently on Queen Street West, Black Market is a vintage warehouse that prices all their inventory at $10 or less. You’ll go down a flight of stairs and enter a low-ceiling room that looks like it’s straight from the 90‘s with excessively loud punk-rock music playing. Between the sea of denim cut offs, athletic varsity jackets and band tees, you can’t not find something. Oh, and don’t forget about the record store and barber shop that’s here as well.  You will notice that most of the signage within the store does not indicate if the racks of clothing are for men or women. The clothing is for whoever wants to wear it and gender is not kept in mind. There’s clearly too many perks to shopping at Black Market. You will have to see it to believe it.

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