Friday, October 03, 2014

All White Everything

Top Tips On How To Wear White This Season

Be careful with that cup of cocoa, the winter white trend is here to stay! This season, get into the winter spirit by incorporating white into your outfit, and what better time to wear this shade than now? Turn your wardrobe from dark to bright with snow inspired pieces.  From casual to evening wear, there are various ways to pull off this trend. Don’t stay frozen in time, and follow these five stylish tips on how to wear white this season.


Black and white will always be classic but this season this look has gained popularity. The contrast between the two shades can be both artistic and edgy! Take on a minimalist approach by pairing a white turtleneck sweater with a pair of simple black trousers. This trend can also be worn as an evening look by wearing a black and white structured dresses or pairing simple tops with midi skirts. Mix and match with simple pieces, the classic white tee never gets old!

White Sneakers

As seen on the runway, this trend has quickly gained popularity. From Adidas to Lacoste, various brands of white sneakers can be seen trending. Show off these kicks with a sporty monochrome look. These can also be paired with boyfriend jeans or an all-black outfit. For a bold, daring look, wear these pearly whites with a casual dress to pull off a fashion forward style. This fresh shoe trend is key this season, just watch out for those muddy snow days of course!

All White

White just may be the new black! Say goodbye to colour and stand out from the crowd in an all-white look from head to toe. White-on-white can not only be worn with different pieces but different textures as well. From fur, to leather, to quilted garments, it’s easy to get creative. Indulge in striking white pieces of the same saturation to match with perfection.   An easy way to do this is to look for co-ordinates and suits as the same shade of white is used for both pieces. From over-sized white coats to white jeans, the possibilities are endless. 


Sometimes a pop of colour – or in this case a shade – is all you need. From jewelry to bags, the right shade of white can be just the thing to complete your look. Make your look pop with radiant white totes or backpacks. Simple white jewelry pieces such as pearl stud earrings or rings can also bring your outfit together. You can even take it a step further and give your nails a frosty fresh look with white nail polish. 

Layers on layers

Don’t freeze in the cold; instead layer on and on and on. This style is all the rave this season as stacking it on portrays a look fresh off the runway. Layering with radiant whites is a must-have look and can easily be done by gathering your favourite white pieces. This can be accomplished by adding a white cardigan over your top and topping it off with a chunky white scarf. Not only will you look trendy, but you’ll be toasty warm as well! 

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