Friday, October 03, 2014

New Year, New You!

Make your resolution a little vainer.

With the New Year approaching, many of us are vowing to make this year different; “I’m going to get in shape,” “no more bad boys,” “I’m not going to procrastinate,” etc. but maybe it’s time to take a break from making these empty promises to yourself. Maybe it’s time to get a new prospective and take an entirely different approach to 2015. If you agree with this notion, continue reading, and if you don’t, please continue reading anyways and check out my suggestions for reinventing yourself this year! WARNING: excessive time spent in front of the mirror may cause Beyoncé level confidence.

Lust-worthy Locks

Whether you’re jumping on the bandwagon for the latest trendy haircut or maybe deciding to dance to the beat of your own drum, it’s time to transform those tousles. Be bold and try something completely different! Make sure to consult a friend or a hairdresser before taking the plunge though, I don’t want to be solely responsible for your potential hair-catastrophe, just in case.
                If you’re hesitant like I am, that’s okay, there’s always less permanent options to explore. Try a semi-permanent dye or maybe just spend the day trialing different up-dos or switching around the parting of your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate braids into your look, they’re always a safe go-to for a little something different!

Fierce Faced

Mix up your beauty routine! Switch your basic black or brown for a coloured liner. Metallic and darker tones of blue are some haute hues from the runway but, don’t limit yourself to just those! Experiment with different colours that you can even translate into spring. Also, try pairing these funky liners with a bold brow for an even more captivating eye.
            Another great way to spruce on your beauty regimen is to paint that pout. I often dress up an outfit by gliding on a fun colour of lipstick which instantly makes me feel more glamorous. I highly recommend going into a cosmetic store and asking one of the makeup artists to pick out any and all lipstick shades that they think would suit your skin tone. What’s the harm in trying them on? You might be surprised at what colours you fall in love with!

Sew Chic

Unfortunately, all of the previous beauty tips may be starting to cost you a pretty penny but my final tip shouldn't cost much. I’m sure there’s a lot of old, ugly, out-dated pieces you just can’t seem to get rid of in your closet but, I've got a solution; change them into something different. Now this may require a trip to a seamstress but don’t be afraid to pick up a needle and thread and make some alterations yourself. Whether you add material, a few buttons or even a zipper to something basic, you’ll have a new article of clothing, or at least you’ll feel like you do.
            Although this is one way to incorporate new pieces in your wardrobe, try having weekly or monthly swaps of clothing with friends! It’s a great way to create new outfits, with the addition of a few items, without breaking the bank. Of course be courteous and buy something new every once in a while so that you and all your friends can enjoy some diversity.
Hopefully, some of my suggestions have inspired a few ideas for changing your look for the New Year in a fun way but if not; maybe I’ll see you at the gym in 2015, but probably not.

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