Friday, October 03, 2014

Leggings are really cool?

Leggings are really cool?

These comfortable pants are worn by everyone but that doesn’t mean they are fashionable.                                      
Easy grabbing 

If you are on the street for less than 1minute you can easily see ladies who are wearing leggings. It’s quite true that those pants seem to be worn by most ladies. Is there anyone who doesn’t have a pair of leggings in her closet? Maybe the answer is “nobody”. As most legging materials are spandex, it stretches easily and I think this is the reason that it’s popular all over the world. Because it’s comfortable. However, can just “comfortable” cloth also be cool? Every day we wear and see them but the following 3 reasons make me tired of leggings. Let’s talk about it.
Hard item to match one another 

First, it’s hard to match other clothes. Because leggings are very tight so the top clothes should not be as tight as the pants. If someone’s whole body is covered by very tight cloth it looks like Superman’s costume and that never looks good. Leggings are too tight so they reveal the crotch therefore the top should cover the crotch. Do they need to prove if they are a man or woman? Most leggings are black and this doesn’t make it easy to match other clothes. If someone wears leggings in white it makes her look fat or puffy. White leggings probably never look pretty. Although printed leggings look cool, tops are usually limited to basic or solid colors. Because printed leggings plus printed tops are always a no-no. 

Not that comfortable 

Women say it’s comfortable but is it really? I think it’s way too tight so the leg feels too squeezed and too hot. Especially if someone wears too small a size, see my comments earlier about the crotch. So if we compare regular pants and leggings, regular pants are more comfortable. I think legging’s biggest merit is the waist. Unlike most pants, legging’s waist has only spandex so for the majority of people these days who have a tummy is willing to wear it. Because they are stretchable. 

It’s boring. 

At last, as leggings wear by every woman, it doesn’t look fashionable. It seems that they were rushed in the morning so they are just grabbed as easy one for a day. If leggings are matched with other fashionable clothes or accessories, that would be very nice. However, leggings itself has limited to match one another they just look boring. We just need to other alternative one to grab easily.  

Most leggings are not as expensive as regular pants due to easy to product. In addition, the weights of leggings are much lighter so the wearer would feel activity. These strength may be made the wearer addictive to them. So before we are addictive them, how about regular pants or a skirt to wear today before it’s too cold? Forget about the boring leggings for a while then you can approach to become a fashionable star closer.

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