Sunday, February 03, 2008

Denim Goes “Green”

… and we’re not talking those troublesome grass stains.
The biggest concern of eco-friendly alternatives are, the generally higher, prices for the items, but finally an alternative has been made were the price does not range any higher than the brand names you’re already splurging for. Who would’ve thought it’d be jeans to revolutionize this alternative? Now you can get eco-friendly jeans from Sling & Stones, for the same price you’re paying for brands such as True Religion, Rock & Republic, Citizens of Humanity, and Seven For All Mankind.
Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide! There is a lot of potential in denim production to make a different for the environment.
Sling & Stones takes advantage of that potential by introducing their eco-friendly jeans. Virtually all the jeans they sell are manufactured with this eco-friendly technology. Sling & Stones denim is made of American-grown organic Supima cotton, one of the finest and rarest natural fibers on earth. These jeans are virtually pesticide-free, unlike the average cotton jeans which contain 27% harmful chemicals.
The organic Supima fiber is spun into yarn and then hand-loomed by a small family-run Japanese mill, with some fabric taking an entire day to produce a single roll. The cost of the fabric alone is more than the entire cost of producing most other ‘premium’ jeans. The jeans are dyed with natural indigo and laundered with environmentally friendly ozone washes unlike other indigos that are made from harmful chemicals that emit into the environment.
Together they burn for social change and fashion has become their vehicle. Sling & Stones offers a socially conscious, environmentally responsible denim collection which exemplifies excellence in the everyday; hand constructed pieces featuring progressive fits, world class materials, and everyday versatility. Sling & Stones represents luxury, cutting-edge style and environmental consciousness.
Sling & Stones is setting an example for all other brand name jeans; slowly they begin to join the revolution. Levis’ luxury jeans recently begin selling these eco-friendly alternatives, and are working towards making all their jeans eco-friendly.
Eco-friendly denim is a simple way for a fashion savvy individual to contribute to the well being of the environment; not having to dish-out more of your pretty pennies is also a bonus. So put your other jeans aside, slip into some eco-friendly jeans, and know with each step you take you’re making a difference for the environment.

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