Sunday, February 03, 2008

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Feb 3, 2008

Age of the Metrosexual

Eyes coveting. Androgyny gasping. Trend setting men infiltrating the female beauty scene, ensuring a larger market for cosmetics, and redefining the importance of male style.

Where did he come from?

Fly back to the recent past and drive the 401 headed towards Toronto Metropolitan. This is where you first passed him. Spread across the highway billboard, think of his flawless beauty: defined. Against a black and white Calvin Klein underwear Ad, Mark Walberg represented the iconic bad boy with an alluring beauty. It was the end of the disheveled era of Grunge and ‘Marky Mark’ was infiltrating the minds of followers like a storm trooper armored with a futuristic codpiece. The metro sexual was outside and on the scene, causing the bird in flight to take a second look before it stopped to preen.

Who does he think he is?

This shop till he drops girl wannabe is aesthetically pleased by the superficiality that surrounds him. He revels in the idea of sharing a new world Cabernet Merlot at the trendiest Yorkville Supper Club. He can be spotted on the tanning side of the most exposed coffee shop patio, where he sits with impeccable posture as he sips a non-fat, extra foam, hold the whip, soy delicious latte, while reading a so-called hip novel such as: The fight club, starring Brad Pitt. He is the ubermensch in every gay man’s fantasy and a convoluted dream for a lumberjacks sleeping reality. This man shares a woman’s vanity and while the two sit facing the beveled mirror he will ask:”May I borrow your file? I just broke a nail”.

What does he look like?

These men gravitate towards the modern monochromatic. Sharp tailored lines stream down their pinstripe suits as they brisk by busy Bay Street catching an occasional self image from a skyscrapers reflection. While handing a pay stub at the crystal Museum on Bloor, the ticket collector will take notice to the carefully clear coated polish glazed over his manicured finger tips. Sparring application use of hair product is applied by carefully separating every low light from high. This finishing touch creates envy for every topiary shrub while walking through the vacation destination: English Garden. Pruned, picked and plucked, his low fat, high protein diet creates sleekness to his svelte muscle toned body. He is the Adonis that an obsessive compulsive woman will desire, and the eye of envy on the cover page of Esquire.

How did this happen?

Do not be taken aback by the increasing number of Metrosexuals roaming the downtown streets. They will continue to flock as long as the cosmetic industry pumps products to sustain this desired look. And why wouldn’t they? If men can share the market for cosmetics with women, it would make sense to capitalize on expensive blemish abolishers, anti-wrinkle, age defying night creams, protein rich avocado hair conditioners, quadruple -the -power aerodynamic razors, coal eyeliner, nail polish, super-lash mascara and flawless face cover up! And what is left for the future? Will the bra re-invent itself and become: the bro-zier? Will briefs become thongs? Will panty liners become clarifying facial, toner pads?

Conversely, perhaps the metrosexual is catching up with the modern woman. A woman free to dress, act and work in an egalitarian environment. Is it possible that this form of self-expression is actually the re-birth in gender balance and understanding?

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Anonymous said...

Really enthusiastic, great analogies.

Should be in the mag.

My only question: is the metrosexual described still out there, or are is he now the indie-electro-rocker who is artfully scruffy?