Sunday, February 03, 2008

You Are What You Wear

You Are What You Wear
The plain-jane tee has moved aside to usher in a new generation of personal advertisement

Vendors have ultimately given up trying to appease the masses with the same-old, cookie-cutter pieces of clothing. Instead, they’ve looked to personal style and genre to add oodles of character to classic pieces. The traditional tee shirt is no stranger to this and has been revamped to become the voice of a new generation. Here’s a look at some of the companies who have taken the icon of staples and morphed it into a modern day representation of self.

Food for Thought
Found at a large selection of Toronto retailers, Junk Food has made it their mission to put an end to the solid, boring tee by drawing upon famous characters and slogans from an 80s childhood. Taking center stage in the graphic tee department they’ve captured the hearts of everyone from your mom to your boyfriend. Junk Food tees allow you to let the world know who or what you’re feeling that day and the mood you’re trying to channel. From their Little Miss collection to the Star Wars collection, Junk Food acts as a middleman that represents not only your personal style, but also your likes, dislikes, and favorite childhood memories.

Free As a Bird
Alongside the birth of rock ‘n roll was the birth of the graphic tee. Originally worn as statements of rebellion, beliefs, and attitudes, graphic tees have defined the art of style of some pretty famous artists throughout the years. So it seems only natural that Worn Free has made it their mission to recapture some of the greatest defining moments in musical history in the past 40 years. Pulling from 70s and 80s pop culture and the artists who claimed these decades as their own, Worn Free tees have a raw and vintage sex appeal that ultimately sets them apart. By wearing a piece of history made famous by musical legends like Debbie Harry, Frank Zappa, or Joey Ramone, you can showcase your musical taste and the defining moments that have become a part of who you are.

House of the Rising Sun
Is there one album from the past 40 years that just sums you up? For some reason, it speaks to your soul and has become an essential part of your very being? Then show it off with the help of House of the Gods graphic tees. Like Worn Free, House of the Gods centers their tees around the spirit of music and musical legends, predominantly focusing on classic albums that defined a generation. These tees allow you to relive the glory days of blue eyeshadow and Blondie, or feel the beat of the Police emblazed across your chest. The brand sets themselves apart by not only using silk-screening as their main tool, but also relying on sequins, rhinestones and colourful embellishments to amp up the volume on the message you send.

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