Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever
Add an exotic print to embellish your outfit

I’m Loving the Leopard!
Leopard print is the easiest pattern to coordinate because it is a neutral color combination. Having a marvelous pair of leopard print shoes adds a funky and exotic punch that makes your outfit come together with “pizzazz”. It’s a fabulous pattern to wear when you are dressed in a very simple yet classy outfit. And by the time your eye is drawn to the shoes, “wow” they add that “wow factor” that makes your outfit fun and flirty. Try a red trim and leopard print shoe, it is a great contrast and is so funky. Some people love it, and some people hate it. But no doubt about, it is a fun and flirty look. And to those who are unsure whether leopard print is too “in-your-face,” maybe try a more subtle and darker leopard print shoe, it will add a more sophisticated yet stylish look to any outfit, Whether it is a corporate outfit or a night out. So don’t be scared of being “catty” be brave and try a leopard print.

A Zing of Zebra
Zebra print is a very eye catching print, though not as popular as the leopard print. It tends to be more of a conservative print. Whether it is a larger printed or a more condensed zebra print top. Sometimes Zebra print gives the illusion of stripes, which can horizontally elongate the torso. This is why some people shy away from zebra print. In this case, the sides of this top are gathered and tapered, which allows more shape. If this zebra print top is coordinated with a button down sweater of any color, it adds a “punch” to the outfit. Zebra print is also very versatile, black and white go with every color. It is always nice to have an exotic and stylish article of clothing in your wardrobe for those days when you want to add extra glamour and fun to your day. Zebra print gives you more of an illusion of jungle flavor. Some people might be intimidated by the zebra print in a top but might feel more comfortable wearing it in foot wear. It all depends on each person’s unique style. But I would definitely recommend that there is at least one article of clothing that demonstrates “Jungle fever” in your wardrobe.

Heighten Your Look with Giraffe Print
Giraffe print has become as popular as the leopard print. The caramel and white combination is again, very neutral and coordinates with any color. Leopard print has been a very popular print for the past 3 seasons or so, and many people crave originality. Giraffe print is similar in color scene to leopard print but Giraffe print is distinctively different. This is why when having a big print like Giraffe print on a hand bag is very eye-catching and distinct. Giraffe print resembles polka dots, that’s why it is so neutral and it carries more sophistication. For office wear, you cannot go wrong by walking into work with a giraffe hand bag paired with a black suite, or a brown shirt and a blouse adds elegance to your outfit. There is no doubt that you still have that professional looking ensemble. Day, night or office, try the Giraffe print. You’ll love it!

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Anonymous said...

Like the topic a lot...Almost gender-neutral in some parts.

The first section has a lot of quotes which break up the body of text-- but also break the flow of reading.

Patterns & prints are so big this upcoming season, this article should be in the mini-mag