Thursday, November 04, 2010

She Bleeds for It!

A closer look at Lily Nguyen of Bleed for Fashion's thoughts on fashion

Fashion bloggers have quickly become the latest trend in fashion, with the likes of fashion editors and designers looking more towards them for inspiration and direction. Bloggers often post about their inspiration, but most importantly they share their personal style through an array of striking images that captivate the viewer. With the majority of popular bloggers located in fashion capitals of the world like New York and Paris one could overlook our amazing home-grown style mavens.

Lily Nguyen of Bleed for Fashion is just that – a style maven who isn’t afraid to stand out in a sea of ordinary. An attendee at Vancouver's Blanche Macdonald Centre, Lily was enrolled in their Fashion Merchandising program. The 22 year old, Vancouver-based fashionista’s clean, bold and edgy style transcends even into the style of pictures she takes (usually a stark white background that allows the outfit to be the primary focus). Hailing from Vancouver, a city known for its laid back attitude towards life (no -where near as outrageous as New York or Paris), it is clear to see that Lily’s outfits are always head-turners wherever she goes. Whether she’s sporting a pair of Burberry Porsum boots and a striped top or hanging out in her American Apparel hoodie and jeans, Lily is always able to leave a lasting impression with her style choices. Equipped with a jealousy-inducing shoe arsenal, a bad girl attitude, and a flawlessly endearing face, it will be hard to tear your eyes away from the screen whilst scrolling through her blog. Lily’s blog will not only provide you with ample amounts of eye-candy but also a glimmer of personal insight as to who she is.

I recently had the opportunity to ask the successful Canadian blogger some questions and was able to see her honest and concise answers.

1. How would you describe your style? I've grown tired of this question. I never understood why people care how I'd describe my style. It's however you interpret it. Next!

2. Since you started the blog, do you feel as if your style has evolved? If so, how? My style is always evolving. Fashion is a continuous process of reinvention and change, and thank God for it. My blog just happened to be there to capture it.

3. Who influences your style? Everyday people.

4. What triggers your most creative moments? Whenever I'm alone with my thoughts.

5. Do you have a process to creating an outfit? Yes. I check the weather first.

6. What do you feel are 5 keys pieces to successful wardrobe and why? I don't feel there is such a thing as "key pieces". I do, however, believe for anything to be successful, you need to have confidence (and good underwear). Wear your clothes; don't let your clothes wear you.

7. Are there any accessories you feel uncomfortable leaving the house without? No, not really. I often never leave home without a watch and/or a chunky scarf, though.

8. How do you stay fashionable in the winter? I like to layer a lot, does that count?

9. Do you have any advice for those still honing in on their own personal style? Dress how you feel and stop caring what others think. Fashion should be fun, and I guarantee you it's a lot more enjoyable when you don't give a shit.

10. If there is one thing you could improve/change/evolve in the industry, what would it be? Put an end to sweatshop labour, i.e. Forever 21. I'd also like to make Coach and Ed Hardy disappear, but I won't get into that now.

Lily’s answers were clear, bold, fearless, and cheeky much like her personal style. It is clear that she doesn’t waste much time worrying about fashion but spends much more time enjoying it. She also addresses a very real issue of sweatshop labour that makes stores like Forever 21 (a brand she never wears) so wealthy. If you were intrigued by the interview I encourage you to take a look at Lily’s blog at Look out for many great things from this fashion blogger as I am sure she isn’t finished leaving her mark on the industry.

I think there is a certain importance we must place on showcasing home-grown talent as Canadians are often overlooked in the Fashion industry. By supporting our fellow Canadians we are able to level out the worldwide playing field. Bloggers located in the United States as well as overseas have become important to the industry as they are a new medium to reach consumers; with blogger collaborations as well as features in magazines, bloggers are becoming more and more useful in making brands relevant as well as successful. Coach recently did a blogger collaboration as well as Forever21. If we can encourage more viewership to Canadian blogs we will in turn be encouraging the world to see Canadian style as more than just parkas and snow boots.

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