Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Label vs. Look

Label vs. Look

The obsession behind designer labels.

Every where you look young and old most people are wearing designer labels. There are many reasons for this. Let’s compare two different people wearing the same product. An 18 year old high school girl and a 38 year old professional wearing the same designer jeans, do they have the same motives regarding why they bought this item? Most would think the 18 year old would wear the designer jeans for status reasons or to fit in at school as the 38 year old professional would wear them for comfort, quality and fit. They both could be wearing the jeans just for the label itself, it’s really hard to determine why people choose the labels they do, regardless when it comes to labels people enjoy spending the money on them.

There is psychology behind the clothing we buy when it comes to designer labels, but what about those who refuse to wear labels but still get the look. beleives that there are a few main reasons behind why people are buying designer clothes.

Quality of the product. Most designer jeans for example tend to be a great fit and have great quality denim. Seven jeans for example look great, have great quality and last so you get your bang for your buck.

Consistency when buying high quality items you know what to expect. Some people tend to stick to one designer over the other because of quality and fit and they are comfortable with this particular brand over another.

Status- To be a part of en elite group, most people can’t afford designer labels therefore you get noticed through the clothes you wear. In my opinion, this isn’t always a positive thing, this also applies to those who are just not fashion savvy or just want to noticed in through the clothes they wear. Everyone notices labels whether good or bad. Some people only wear labels and can over kill a particular brand or two, while others are unaware of how to pull an outfit together so brands are easy for them. A major downfall to this is the turn over of some particular brands, this method of styling could become very pricy as new designers are emerging everyday.

Another factor behind the labels are celebrities. Everywhere you look such as television and magazines you see celebrities in designer items. We all dream of the glam celebrity life, or just at least to wear the clothes! Some people feel “cool” if they can afford something a celebrity is wearing but is it worth it to spend all the doe? Others disagree designer labels doesn’t seem to be everything; others and have a more realistic outlook when buying clothes.

Not all designer labels offer quality fit and are bang for your buck. As mentioned earlier some tend to buy designer labels just because of the name but don’t know they are paying for the marketing costs of that particular brand.

Most need to be educated when buying an item. For example when men go suit shopping they tend to go for a label that is familiar instead of looking for quality and fit. Most men are unaware of the technicality and construction of a suit. There is a major difference in quality such as fuzed and canvas suits. Most men would pick the Boss suit for example because of its fit but may not know the construction behind it and be unaware there are other suits that have the same fit, are designed better and cost less.

A column on line called offers six helpful hints on how to drop the label obsession and how to really think outside the box when it comes to real quality and style.

1.Shop vintage

2.Take the time to understand what’s flattering on you

3.Shop with a look in mind

4.Let celebrities inspire you, but don’t worry about exact pieces

5.Read street style blogs

6.Be honest with yourself

“Ultimately, breaking the label obsession requires not only changing your habits but your mindset”- College Fashions.

Helpful hints are always necessary when it comes to style. Everyone likes a little help and guidance. Not everyone is born a fashionista, we all get our inspirations from somewhere or something and some need a little more help then others.

There will always be two sides to this fashion combat but not everyone is the same. Some love designer clothes because it makes them feel good or they love the quality of the clothing and others are happy with making a style of their own which is unique and not pricy.

“Fashion is Art” so play with it. Don’t shadow a style or buy labels for the name. Get inspired and brand yourself, fashion is all about making a statement but in your own unique way.

There are many ways of getting the look without breaking the bank. Fashion is all about wearing your personality so define yourself and wear it!

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