Friday, November 05, 2010

Coco... who?

A one-on-one with up and coming Canadian model, Stephanie Christian.

The first thing you notice about Stephanie Christian is her smile. It's big, beautiful and exposes the trademark gap between her front teeth. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she's leggy, bubbly and as sweet as pie. She also happens to be Ford Toronto's it girl.
Around 2009, Steph began her modelling career in local fashion shows and photo shoots on the East Coast. After realizing she had talent, Steph signed with local agency City Models but left within a few months due to lack of work in Nova Scotia and to focus on schooling. “But that didn't last long.” she explains, “I started reconsidering modelling and that's when I took off to Toronto.” At 21 and after just under six months of success with Ford Models, including walking in both New York's and Toronto's Fashion Weeks, Steph has relocated to New York to work with Ford NY. We sat down and asked her a few questions about life as a normal girl turned in-demand model.

Oh, George!: How did you get started modelling?
Stephanie: I hadn't ever really thought about modelling before my friend told me I should consider it. Once she planted that idea in my head that's when it all started!

OG: What's the best thing about it?
SC: It isn't your typical 9-5 job. Its gruelling running around cities going to castings, but once you get the job all the fun starts! You get to be dressed up and look pretty for a living. Who wouldn't want to do that?!

OG: Worst?
SC: The rejection. You can usually tell when you walk into a casting if they like you or not. If they ask you to hang around to take photos you know you have a good chance, but when they hand you your book back and you get a "thank-you,” that's not too good for the ol' ego. And obviously weight maintenance is a huge downer. I've never been the type who is
thin because of genetics. I have boobs and they aren't going away!

OG: Favourite job so far?
SC: It would have to be the editorial I did for Elle Canada. It was in Montreal and had a very hippy/boho feel, which is my personality to a tee. They really wanted to show my gap off so I got to be goofy and smiley the whole time.

OG: Jobs you're looking forward to?
SC: I haven't got a whole lot set in stone. You don't normally find out until closer to the dates. Right now I'm booked for teen vogue, which I am definitely looking forward to!

OG: Best place work has taken you?
SC: I haven't done a whole lot of travelling for work yet. But if you consider my move from Halifax to Toronto "travelling" then I would definitely say Toronto. It's one of the most amazing cities in the world. I have met the best people and done some crazy wicked things. Toronto is just really, really cool.

OG: Model apartments do you love 'em or hate 'em?
SC: Don't get me started. They're horrible. My experiences can't even compare to some of the stories I've heard. I'm lucky because I share a room with only one other person, but the living room is a different story. There are so many girls everywhere, barely anyone speaks English, and the age gaps are unreal. It's hard to communicate and befriend people. During fashion week was the worst because girls were just coming and going and things were getting stolen and it just wasn't very cool.

OG: I guess everyone can't share beach houses in Milan like on America's Next Top Model. Speaking of, do you watch? Thoughts on how it reflects the industry?
SC: Nah... I don't watch America's Next Top Model anymore. I've kind of lost the urge to watch it since I started modelling. They don't have to go through anything even close to what we do. I mean, I get its a TV show and things need to look glamourous, but deep into the real modelling world... its not so glamourous.

OG: Fair enough. So what's your favourite thing to do when you're not being not glamourous?
SC: I love to cook! I cook all kinds of things, but mostly seafood.

OG: Delicious, a model who's into food! So when you're cooking and just doing things in general, who are you wearing?
SC: My favourite canadian designer is Jeremy Lang and my all time favourite
is Balmain. Love Balmain.

OG:Designer or not, what are a few staples in your closet?
SC: Some different coloured blazers, leather jackets, boyfriend jeans, Sperrys, rock tees and sweatpants... let's get real here.

OG: When you came to Toronto for your initial go-sees what you were wearing?
SC: I totally remember when I was doing my rounds at agencies... It wasn't very exciting. I just had on a white tank top and high wasted jeans, which I was told wasn't a very good idea because apparently it makes your hips look bigger? Jeesh.

OG: Emotional damage aside, I know modelling can also be pretty hard on your hair and skin with all of the makeup and product and torture. How do you keep yourself looking fabulous?
SC: I always take my makeup off as soon as possible and load up with moisturizer. When Im not modelling I try not to wear any makeup at all so I can let my skin breathe.

OG: Do you keep anything in your makeup bag?
SC: MAC foundation, mascara, clear brown gel, a brown powder for my eyebrows, and some bronzer. Nothing special.

OG: Ok last one, your house is on fire and you can only grab 5 things, what do you take?
SC: Hmmm.... I've never really thought about that before! After I made sure everyone was out, I'd grab my laptop, my phone, my passport, my cinnamon toast crunch, and my Sperrys

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