Thursday, March 17, 2016

Power & Influence. Chanel's Game Changer (assignment 1)

Karl Lagerfeld is a celebrated couture designer who can bring style and shape to any design fitting a modern, classy and edgy look with eccentric colours. A man of power

Since he was appointed creative director for Chanel in 1983, Karl has turned the legendary label into a fashion powerhouse.

The rumours about the brand going downhill during the beginning of 80’s were of no secret, Karl was so to say destined to take over the empire of Chanel and bring it back to the spotlight.

He saw the potential and made it a big responsibility to transform Chanel into something more, into something extraordinary.
He did it with such mastery that today the brand is a point of reference in the fashion industry and women around the globe.

Each season the Chanel fashion shows are some of the most awaited events during the fashion calendar.

One would never imagine Chanel without Karl. He changed its character into an elite status by adding sex appeal and glamour.

He has the power to influence the industry to take a different direction, not always following traditional forms to become successful. 

Criticized or praised, he aways delivers an unbelievable spectacle which keeps the media talking until his next move. As we say “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

Karl Lagerfeld does what he does best, thats is being Karl. “I am a walking label. My name is Labelfeld not Lagerfeld.” as he himself describes it. He is a walking marketing icon.

His contribution to the fashion industry speaks volumes. While being the Creative Director of Chanel, he simultaneously worked with Fendi and Chloe while launching his own line.

Fashion is all about magic, evoking imagination and the senses, and he managed to create a almost mythological creature of himself. 

Karl Lagerfeld, the power and the influence of a man that turned Chanel into a legendary icon. 

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