Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Hidden Gem: York University’s most stylist gal

Living on the out skirts of Toronto is where one hidden gem is kept from the rest of the world, her name is Tyler Christoff. York University isn’t one of the most fashionable locations in Toronto, but Tyler definitely finds a way to out shine all of her peers. I am pleased to say that Tyler being my friend has definitely inspired me to step out of my comfort closet, which has actually created some pretty cool outfits. I sat down with her and we talked about how fashion became part of her life and where she gets her inspiration from, because I know where I get mine from…HER! Tyler isn’t just the beauty you see when you look at her; she has a lot of brains too. “Apart from fashion, education is an important factor in my life and in the future I plan to complete my B.A in law at York.” She tells me that going to school for Liberal Arts doesn’t have the most exciting wardrobes in the classroom but when she is there to learn that is all she does. Tyler is a very hard working and determined young woman and getting into her ideal school is something she is striving for right now. “Why I chose York University is because it’s a great school for law and also diversity is their trade mark. I’ve been waiting to apply for this school for a very long time and I am determined to get in”, as you can see she is dead set on this school and won`t stop until she is sitting in one of those classrooms. So enough about school, let’s get to the fun stuff!! Fashion is a way where this girl expresses herself from the classroom, to the downtown scene and to my house haha. I asked Tyler the question we have all been dying to hear and it was… Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? “Okay so where I get my fashion inspiration is from different designers like Rihanna, Kimora Lee Simons, Victoria and Kanye and sadly Kim k” let’s be honest not everyone wants to say that their fashion number 1 go to is Kim K but hey, it could be like 5th. Apart from Kim K being on her list, Tyler is very smitten with what Rihanna has brought to the fashion industry, the new age Goth pretty girl look. It’s pretty hard to pin point Rihanna’s exact style because she tests the waters in the entire fashion category and let’s face it, she looks amazing doing it. Tyler got talking about Rihanna and just couldn’t stop herself, “She gives off good vibes through what she wears. Her style is cool comfy and sexy all at the same time.” Another thing Tyler values in clothes is not just for expressing herself but also comfort, we all want to be comfortable doing our daily tasks and it’s so much better to look awesome being comfortable vs. looking like you just got out of hibernation, which us students know a lot about being comfortable and not looking good doing it lol. Now that we have gotten to the most important question of the interview, let me tell you a bit about Tyler and what she does when her face isn’t in a book, which is hardly ever… I would know. Okay so, Tyler is simply awesome. She’s always finding the cool new trend, making sure she can rock it herself (which she almost all the time does) and then passing it on to the world of the not so fashionistas. “Fashion gives me confidence to feel like a strong and sexy women which motivates me to work towards getting a better education” Tyler said it all in the last quote, she is very determined to get where she wants in this world and I know she will. Tyler gives off a lot of confidence but not the bad kind, I think in this day and age there are not a lot of people who are confident in themselves because of what the society has done to the picture of the perfect woman, not saying that we are doomed because we aren’t, there are people out there that are making a change and thank god for them because everyone is beautiful just the way they are and soon they will see it too. But! Back to Tyler, she is my “person” who is changing the world slowly or at least my mind. So everything good thing must come to an end, and I’m glad I got to sit down and tell you all about Tyler Christoff. Her fashion choices definitely inspire me and I plan to steal more and more of her ideas as well as her outfits. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my style crush, she is indeed a hidden gem but I believe not for long!

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