Monday, March 08, 2010

Which Styles are in, and Which Styles are out?

What Project Runway Canada – Season 2 contestant, George Brown College graduate, and fashion icon Camille Prins has to say about the Spring 2010 collection!

One day here and the next day gone. Fashion styles are in and out and back in and back out. Which trends have come back for their vengeance and which new trends are here for a surprise for the Spring 2010 collection? Who better to ask about the Spring 2010 trends than one of our very own George Brown College graduate: Camille Prins. You may recognize Camille as one of the contestants from Project Runway Canada – Season 2. I had the pleasure in interviewing Camille to ask her about her involvement in Project Runway Canada – Season 2, her collection Dutch Blonde, and of course, what she has to say about Spring 2010 trends!

On the Runway. Project Runway Canada gives Canadian designers the opportunity to compete in design competitions while showing Canada their amazing talent. Graduating from the Fashion Design program, Camille used the skills she was taught at George Brown College to compete on the show. She describes the experience to have been “exciting and amazing” and that it has always been “a dream” of hers “since watching the American Project Runway.” Although Camille did not win, she describes her time on the show as being “a blast” and that all the contestants were “all supportive of each other”. She still keeps in touch with other contestants from the show such as Jeff MacKinnon, Brandon B. Dwyer, and Jessica Biffi, whose design show she attended. Camille’s thoughts of Sunny Fong, the winner of Project Runway Canada – Season 2: “He used great fabric choices, and has a wonderful talent”. I congratulate Camille on her accomplishment on the show!

That’s so “Dutch Blonde”. Camille started her collection Dutch Blonde in 2004, one year after graduating from George Brown College. Her collection was launched in 2008. She credits the Fashion Design program at George Brown College, saying that the program helped and that it is relevant. She said: “You start from a vision, to choosing your fabric, to the execution.” Her designs of cocktail dresses are fantastic. Most of the detail is on the back of the dresses, and as stated on the Dutch Blonde website, Camille says: “I decided to create a vision that I could grown into: When I design for Dutch Blonde I’m designing for the women I want to be in the future ~ successful, calm, charitable, nurturing, caring but always wearing the most amazing piece!” Her collection also features a maternity line which she explains to be designed for women to be able to “look good and feel comfortable as well”. Her photo shoots of her collection display the campaign and runway look, and the vintage broaches used led Camille to her headband collection line. She is currently working on her Fall/Winter 2010 collection which can be seen at Alberta Fashion Week.

Flash Back, Fresh Forward. So what does Camille think about old and new trends? I asked Camille: Which old trend do you miss? She responded: “The destruct/dirty look”. I then asked: Which old trend don’t you miss? She responded: “The neon look!” which I quickly agreed with. But which trends are in store for Spring 2010? Camille says that there is one person that had a big influence on the fashion trends this year. It is someone with an outrageous style that is not hard to miss. If you are thinking of Lady Gaga, you’re right. Lady Gaga thinks of extreme when it comes to fashion that’s for sure. Designers are using her “dirty look” as inspiration, adding details such as studs and bullet spikes to their garments. Moving away from Lady Gaga, Camille also mentions that Spring 2010 collections are full of ruffled sleeves and draping of garments over leggings. In the accessories and fabric department, Camille says the Spring 2010 collection has many different headbands in, and the fabrics are full of patterns and floral prints. The collection this year is very over dramatic, and I guess we have to give a bit of thanks to Lady Gaga and her crazy eye for fashion!

Experiment! I can’t express in words how amazing it was to interview Camille Prins! It is great to speak with a George Brown College graduate who has had such great success after graduating from a program that many of us can relate to. Camille’s collection in stunning, and every women would love to look and feel good wearing a Dutch Blonde dress! She has great insight in the fashion world and is a very talented designer. Her advice for upcoming fashion design graduates: “Jump into the industry right away. Even if you are doing an unpaid internship for three months, it is a great way to learn and to develop your skills. Experiment with everything you do to learn who you. Experiment from every piece you design and every fabric you use.” The motive for Camille’s headband collection started when she and experimented with the use of different headband accessories during her photo shoots! Camille had her preview of her Fall/Winter 2010 collection show on April 3rd, so be sure to check out her website for more details on her previous and future collections! The website for the Dutch Blonde collection is:, and the website for the Dutch Blonde Blog is:

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