Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flash Back, Fresh Forward

Let us flash back down memory lane at one of fashions rising superstars today. Shawn Hewson was born in Montreal and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. With law on his mind he attended University of Toronto law school and after graduation began practicing at a large downtown law firm. At this time fashion had always remained on his mind as a need not yet fulfilled. Now let’s be honest what would fashion be without the creative minds behind Bustle.

Shawn Hewson may be famously known as being one of the judges on Canada’s Project Runway. His bold personality has taught many of the designers featured on the show that fashion is to be loved and through the love designed. Shawn was chosen for his position on the show not only for his style expertise, but also to represent somebody who had to start out designing like many of the contestants. Shawn and the Project Runway contestants share a common similarity, which was expression of art through designing clothing. He showed the contestants that with hard work and determination they too can one day sit where he is sitting. He is constantly pushing himself to remain different in an industry filled with so many aspiring designers Bustle clothing has transformed the notion of sexy-ready to wear.

Bustle clothing, from where it has come, has developed far beyond the t-shirts that were the main focus. Actually it is understandably very smart the way Shawn had positioned himself in the industry. Being a lawyer turn designer he needed to gain the respect and the buzz in the industry that kept people wanting more. His t-shirt collection proved to be very successful thus allowing him to expand his label.

Flashing forward to now, it was surprising to find out that Bustle actually started out selling men’s and women’s T-shirts as a means of getting publicity around the industry. Word of mouth was a sure way of getting his brand name around. According to the Project Runway biography, In 2002, Shawn and his wife, Ruth Promislow—both practicing lawyers—founded Bustle Clothing, launching the brand with a line of men’s and women’s’ T-shirts. After a successful season as a T-shirt line, Bustle was expanded to a small collection of men’s and women’s sportswear pieces.
Now in its tenth season, Bustle has become a leading Canadian sportswear label known for its cheeky, sexy, and sharply tailored leisure aesthetic. According to Wikipedia December 2008 each season, Bustle produces a collection based around a new ‘sportif’ theme. From the Skeet Club to the kentucky Derby, to the Spring 2009 vintage jet-set inspired “Wayfarer” Collection; high pedigree inspiration always translates into luxurious, but ‘funked-up’ classics, seasoned with Bustle's sharp tailoring, attention to details, and signature cheekiness.
Shawn Hewson has brought a breath of fresh air into the riviting world of fashion. Noted from the Bustle clothing website, this label is that of an eccentric british gentleman. In Fall 2008 the ‘Casino Collection’, inspiration came from the well-heeled patrons of French gaming salons. This was no exception to Bustle’s signature twist on the classics. These were not your average high rollers. Using charismatic fabrics, including unconventional black, metallic grey stripe, and deep purple stripe suitings, combined with midnight blue, black and winter white twill and wool flannels, the collection combines evening with day, and formal with relaxed to reflect a man’s own inner James Bond.
Shawn’s 2009 collection exuded sexy, class, and style. With looks ranging in pin stripe and plan colored suits, denim shorts paired with blazers, and a hint of the past with 60’s inspired looks such as a pocket watch chain. The desheveled man was brought into light with charisma and shine as he struted his stuff wearing aviator glasses inspired by an aviation theme. There was an aumage of looks that were drawn from the past that were reienvented into timeless modern pieces. Of course in classic Bustle style there were speratic dispersements of female models that came down the runway wearing garments that mimicked masculine designs.
Constantly drawing from past and present times and significant moments in history Bustle clothing continues to recycle images and concepts to up-to-date styles. Using vintage travel as a source of satorial inspiratin, It could also be Shawn Hewson’s natural quirk which heavily influences many of the concept directions of the designs. From a Bay Street Corporate lawyer to a rising fashion designer Shawn Hewson has yet to reach the top of his mountain. He has only begun the climb.

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