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Interview with Angela Martin; Fashion Photographer

Interview with Angela Martin
Fashion Photographer

Angela Martin is a freelance photographer based out of Toronto, specializing in fashion and beauty photography. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in media studies for University of Guelph as well as a diploma in creative photography. Her career has kicked off after her amazing experience as an intern in the art department of FASHION magazine (http:// On top of her already successful independent work, she also been shooting main spreads for Fashion Weekly Magazine. ( Outside her busy schedule she loves going to see live music, theatre, reading a good book and traveling.
I know that your career has really kicked off in a short amount of time so I’m sure you have some work to be proud of. What is your most significant accomplishment?
Angela Martin: Having my work published in a nationally recognized fashion magazine, numerous times. I still get a little excited every time I see my work in print.
I can imagine, knowing you shot a spread and the rest of the country will see your published work.
With photography what would you say are your biggest attributes to the industry?
AM: I think if nothing else, I'm passionate, and I hope that shows in my work. I never stop thinking about photography, and I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and projects.CR: On the fashion side of things, if you could emulate anyone’s style who would it be and why?
AM: I really enjoy Jamie Nelson's work, she's a young up-and-comer from New York and I think she does really fun stuff with light, and her style is excellent!
How exactly did you get interested in this work and from that initial interest get hired?
AM: My program at school gave me a degree in Media Studies and diploma options in journalism, pr or photography. When I first started post-secondary education I actually started school in journalism, switched to public relations, and then took a year off after my second year. I was miserable, I dreaded going to classes. I decided to take a year off to focus on something completely different just to challenge myself. I took a one year certificate course at Sheridan College in performing arts. That year changed my life completely; I matured tenfold, and realized that in order for me to be happy I needed to pursue a career in something creative. Through my year in performing arts, I fell in love with photography while documenting my experiences.
It just so happened to be an option to switch into photography when I went back to finish my degree. In third year, I continued taking media courses, and jumped right into photography, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd year classes all in one year. I proved to myself, professors and classmates that I could do it.
I graduated at the top of my class, winning an award for best in show in our graduation photography exhibition. I interned at FASHION Magazine the first summer out of school, and worked about four jobs at a time to make ends meet. Things have, I’m able to support myself solely on photography related jobs and I love it!
A long journey, but that time off really made you realize what you wanted to be. How exactly did you choose photography?
AM: It was almost fate that I discovered photography through theatre and was able to focus on that in my third and fourth years at university. I think I have always been interested in visual media, I just never fully realized that a career in that field was the best option for me.
What is a typical day like for you?
AM: One reason I love my work so much is because it allows me to do something different every day. I’m still working for FASHION, FW and also photo editing for a company called ikonica, it’s a great environment and keeps my Photoshop skills up to par with other professionals in the industry. Other than that, I have many different freelance shooting gigs, with many other different interested clients.
What are some responsibilities of your career?
AM: I need to be on top of my craft, very aware of my budgeting (being that I own my own business), and staying focused.
What made you choose the fashion industry?
AM: I've always been interested in the fashion industry, mainly in the imagery of fashion photography. I'm an only child and I used to spend hours in my room reading magazines, so my love for fashion images started at a young age.
What is the level of stress usually for you?
AM: I’m a strong believer in that; if you love what you do, things seem less stressful because you are enjoying yourself. Sometimes it's difficult to connect with someone creatively, and when that's a client, you run the risk of creating work that doesn't satisfy them. Communication so important in this industry, and don't forget energy & enthusiasm! Sometimes you just don't feel like turning on that outgoing persona, but you just have to take a few more swigs of that red bull and up the energy level.
What motivates you?
AM: Passion for the art, excitement in creating something tangible, and the need to be recognized.
How would you define success?
AM: If you are happy with your life and who you are as a person, I think that is ultimately what success is. You could be making peanuts at your job, but if you absolutely adore what you do and it gives you drive, I would call you a success.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
AM: I'd love to have my own studio, definitely. I'd like to be shooting fashion creative’s and editorials on a regular basis, and may end up teaching part-time, I love working with people in the creative process, and I think to teach would be stimulating and fulfilling.
What would you say to someone interested in getting into the fashion business?
AM: Be ready for tough competition, and be aware that you have to be willing to work incredibly hard in the beginning to get to where you want to be. Nothing is handed to you in this industry, but when you meet a goal that you've made, nothing feels more gratifying.

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