Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interactive Models: when is to much, to much?

The lights are dimming, the two minutes until show time call has been announced. Everyone is quieting down and finding there sits, some are running to grab the idolized front row seats that only the people of most importance get unless you’re lucky. It is Wednesday October 22nd and everyone is waiting for the 5pm Playdead Cult and Damzels in this Dress show to begin.

For many in the room this is the 3rd day at L’Oreal fashion week and the third runway show for the day. The music begins and the first model takes her place, there is an amazing energy that fills the tented room we have been in and out of all week long.

As the music is pumping something noticeably different from the previous shows is happening, the models are interacting with one and other and look like they are enjoying themselves. This is a much different atmosphere for a runway than I have ever seen before. The stereotypical stick thin model walking down a couture runway show on Fashion Television we have all seen dozens of times. They usually look like they hate the world, death stare and all. So it was to a delightful surprise to see these young models having fun with what they do and being creative.
This was the first of a few shows at L’Oreal fashion week that you would witness models enjoying themselves, having fun and interacting on the runway with one and other.

Both fashion shows were very entertaining and had received a great response form the audience. It was nice to see these back to back designers have their models come out in unique pieces and interact, instead of seeing one model entering and one model exiting when they normally pass one and other completely ignoring that the other exists on that runway. Instead at these two shows the models high fived and blew a kiss. They had cute interactions that played off very well with what they were wearing and the feel of that particular runway show.

Four shows later it is now 8pm and everyone is waiting for the Andy The-Anh show to begin. The people who were once sitting on edge of there seats hoping to run and steal front row seats at previous day time shows are now sitting straight up in back row seats. This little white tent is now much fuller then earlier shows and everyone is waiting for the lights to dim and the show to begin.

The lights are now out and the crowd has been hushed by the excitement we all share in wondering what is coming next. To everyone’s surprise the sound of an electric violin starts filling the tent and there on the runway is a male violin player. The energy in the room immediately increases and everyone suddenly looks more alive, almost a second wind from the busy day everybody has had.

After being captivated by the brilliant lively electric violin, the show beings and models start strutting Andy The-Anh’s newest collection. After only mere moments an observation can easily be made, these models have been choreographed for this particular show. Three models walk out in there different colours of three similar dresses. One begins to walk then stops a third of the way, then the next and stops half way then the last walks the entire length of the runway. The first then walks the entire length while the other two pose and it continues until all three have made it back to the entrance way and are posing and then turn and walk off. It was a very creative way to show off three beautiful similar pieces and didn’t take away anything from the designers work. All the while this is happening; the electric violin is playing well known songs in the background. It was a show full of energy that made impressions on everyone in the audience. After a long day of runway shows on every hour, it was a phenomenal way to end the night, with a show that captured everyone’s attention not only by the clothing but by the music, energy and the models.

It isn’t until 8pm Thursday evening that a designer decided to flare up there runway show. The house is packed and why wouldn’t it be the gsus sindustries show is about to begin. Famous faces sit front row in the crowd and everyone is piling in trying to get a spot with some view of the show. The show begins with a break dancer and loud music, know one expected anything less. This particular runway show is very well known for there unique creative pieces and energy filled shows. The model/break dancer has successfully warmed the audience up for the beginning of the show; we are all sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for what comes next. The models are very interactive, they’re sexual with one and other two even passionately made out while walking by one and other on the runway. Shirts a being pulled up to reveal rock hard six packs and girls clapping there hands and chasing after male models. But when do you say enough is enough. These models are at this point taking away from what we are all really hear to see which is the designers newest line of clothing and accessories. Are you going to remember what outfit the models had on or remember the two models making out in the middle of the runway? After the show it is obvious that everyone shares the same feelings, as much fun as it was to watch it was too much. The models stole from what fashion week is all about, clothing.

Designers did a very good job this year at L’Oreal’s 2008 fashion week in Nathan Phillips Square. The controversy remains though, everyone wants there show to make a lasting impressions on the media and crowd, every designer wants to be talked about. At these shows they want to entertain the audience which is creative and when done correctly and designers have taken the time to not over do it and choreograph there shows with there models, it’s a very nice touch but they are taking shows to the next level. Some are getting carried away and taking away from the runway in a way. Is the fashion industry ready to hand in the traditional runway shows for these creative shows and when is enough, enough.


Oh, George! said...

I really really love both of these designers and being at the show, you described these two shows wonderfully. Very descriptive and I also liked how the models acted in the shows!

Oh, George! said...

Sorry that comment was made by Laura Laxson