Thursday, December 07, 2017

GBC Fashion Student takes Personal Brand to Next Level

   Meet Clayson Fletcher, a former George Brown College fashion student takes his passion and drive to the next level in creating his dreams with his clothing company Nova Supply Co. Clayson Fletcher refers to himself as a creator instead of designer. He has been working on his cut and sew brand for over 6 years now. What really drove him to create his own clothes was the position he was in when he was young. “I was always a big kid in school, I was always into fashion but couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted. That’s when I became a crafty creative kid. I dug up my mom’s old sewing machine, fixed it and got straight into studying fashion and sewing. This is where everything started changing. I started to become obsessed with it. I wouldn’t just make one shirt, but that one shirt in 50 different colours. Clayson wants his brand to be on a global scale, accessible worldwide to everyone anywhere and anytime. He wants to create collectives where like-minded people can come together and create, share, and achieve similar visions and goals. “The brand itself I want it to be worldwide and accessible. I want workshops where kids just like myself can come and create together, in a soft and peaceful environment. In terms of myself as the designer, I want to be the greatest to ever live. What separates Nova from other brands out there is that everything is made to order, it’s a very high level of personalization for each customer which is not what a lot of brands do. By offering personalization you create a connection with the customers and they more than likely will feel comfortable to purchase from you again and again. Not only that but you are able to appreciate the hard work that went into the product at the end of the day. “It’s all handmade, packaged, sourced and patterned by me. I only use the softest organic fabrics from Canada and Japan. I want to give the world a piece of me and my perspective.” He wants everyone to experience what he has to offer. As being a creator you always find different mediums of inspiration. You can find inspiration in almost anything and anywhere which is why it is such a huge aspect of creation. One big inspiration for Clayson Fletcher is a well-known music artist Frank Ocean. “I can’t give away all my secrets for inspiration but Frank Ocean is a huge inspiration for me. The way he created and used the font Blonde, and Endless to the way. His whole artistry, the mystery of his work and his own influences, it shows me that you can express yourself without telling people what your feeling. I built a collection solely based on his songs.” Getting your clothes into stores is one of the big goals that any designer would want. You would want your work to be recognized and appreciated by a wide variety of people. “I would love to be in a store that is under the radar. Something like the store Neighbor.” Which is a newer and smaller independent menswear boutique just outside of Yorkville. “My clothing would be a like a hidden gem rather than being at an oversaturated retailer. Creating a brand can come with lots of challenges and obstacles starting can be one of the hardest. “It’s always starting, there’s something about a blank canvas and raw materials that has been yet to use that is very intimating. But once that first ink or cut happens, a snow ball effect occurs. Ten years down the road Clayson Fletcher sees himself in a positive state. “Happy, in love with someone doing something creative. Hosting clothing conversion for kids who just want to create but don’t know how to. As consumers we all have our favourite fabrics we love to wear and designers also have their favourites. “18oz Organic cotton canvas and wool! At times Silk but it is very difficult to sew haha.” Clayson wants to make a trip to Tokyo someday. He wants to explore what it’s like over there as it is very different and diverse. “Tokyo, I want to feel the aura that they have up there, and scope the fashion scene because it’s completely different that here in Canada and the United States. The Nova Supply brand has recently made some public magazine press. Their biggest article was one where they were featured on HighSnobiety. One if the biggest magazine platforms for fashion, music and lifestyle. Clayson hopes to achieve much more in the future and change the world with his brand. The next upcoming months will consist of fresh, new and intriguing products for the brand. Expanding more into women’s wear, the brand is looking to make a huge impact in the Toronto fashion scene in 2018. 

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