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It’s Bieber’s World And We’re Just Living In It

Could prince of pop, Justin Bieber be our generation’s fashion icon?

Belieb it or not, it appears Canada’s biggest fashion import is the likes of one Justin Bieber. HEAR ME OUT and lets face the facts. Call him what you will, resident douche lord, one less lonely girl or personal enemy of your Calabasas neighbour but the power and influence of Justin Bieber’s fashion game cannot be questioned. Falling into good graces with heavy hitter brands like Calvin Klein, Balmain, Vetements and most recently Dolce and Gabbana, the Biebs fashion game is on FUEGO. We might have to bestow the honor of this generation’s fashion crown to the Biebs.

The evolution of his personal style has been an absolute trip but hey, the greats have got to start somewhere—remember when Lady Gaga experimented with a dress made of meat, nobodies perfect. From his introduction into fame via a baby face, shaggy locks and one memorable purple American Apparel zip up hoodie, to the worlds saggy-est pant party, to his resident bad boy/ sk8er boy stage, chains included— which featured the mug shot of a supermodel (fellow Canadian Linda Evangelista would be so proud).  

Fast-forward to present day, re branded Bieber and you’ll witness his admiration for major fashion labels like Gucci, Fear of God, Hood By Air and Off-White. His personal style staples include but are not limited to a pair of distressed denim, vintage band tee, signature cap and the swag of a superstar. In an interview with Bieber i-D described his look, asHe has that skilfully young styling disposition that can turn wearing a charcoal hoodie, denims and hi-tops into looking like he's adorned in multiple separate Rick Owens pieces. Where one ends and another begins, who knows?”

In true fashion icon form he doesn’t shy away from a style moment, experimenting with oversized fur jackets, monochromatic looks and the occasional Dov Charney creeper glasses. When it comes to fashion he keeps it playful, takes risks and gains those Bieliebers left, right and center. Have y’all seen the wardrobe he’s been rockin on his Purpose tour?! Insert swoons here.

Making his Cinderella debut at the ball of all balls, Bieber attended the coveted 2015 MET Gala hosted by Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour alongside designer Oliver Rousteing of Balmain. Dressed in an extra chic, sleek, black Balmain suit, embroidered with gold dragons, Bieber fit the theme of the night, China: Through The Looking Glass, perfectly. It should be noted that scoring a ticket to this event, let alone being escorted by a high fashion designer is no joke and officially put Bieber in fashion icon ranks.

Cut to Calvin Klein’s 2015 spring summer campaign where Bieber is the face of the brand, appearing in spicy photos with model Lara Stone. A natural fit, considering Bieber’s love for a shirtless moment and a hot female. In 2016 the Biebs was cast to make a cameo in fashion cult film Zoolander 2, (to less than rave reviews), yet a high honor in terms of the fashion community, Anna Wintour even made a chill appearance.   

As reports, “Bieber’s status as a fashion influencer has seen him do everything from star in Calvin Klein ads to inspire a sold out Vetements hoodie, and he continues to make headlines for his style. Indicating further development into the fashion all-star ranks, Biebs has gone on to gain the attention of Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, when he included a “justin4ever” garment (for a totally normal price of $1695 a pop) to his spring summer 17 collection. 

A collection Bieber would go on to lend inspiration from in terms of his Purpose world tour merchandise. Merch. that would later gain so much public popularity as to find itself as a store pop up in Toronto’s boutique NOMAD, further carried by Barneys and finally the Bieber fever made its way to retailers such as Pacsun, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and H&M.

More recently, Bieber’s fine face was seen screen-printed on Dolce and Gabbana’s fall winter 2017 runway tees—cue Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada “can you spell Ga-bba-na”. The brand has used fashion icons of yesteryear in similar regards including Madonna and David Bowie, so we’re thinking this cool shout out is indicative of Bieber’s style status, all things considered.   

The longevity of this particular Canadian pop star is real. He’s got style, he’s got grace, and he’s got a very cute face. At the mere age of 23 Bieber has surpassed his average celebrity counterparts and influenced a generation. Hate his antics, don’t care for his shining personality, still pissed he did Selena dirty? Fair, but we’ve got to hand it to him, Bieber gets fashion tenfold and when all is said it done, he does it and does so with purpose.

Incase anyone cares, you can catch Bieber in concert September 5th in Toronto at the Rogers 

Centre, aka SEE Y’ALL THERE!

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