Monday, March 09, 2015

EssKay Ji

Technology has grown so much in the last 20 years.   Just looking into entertainment, leaving your house is not the only option to watch a new movie.   We can now stream, download and view movies just with a click of our phones.  We can also shop, interact with people and work while sitting in our pajama’s at home.  With all these new apps, where does the future lay for the younger generations when it comes to finding a job, or a career?  With people becoming famous just from YouTube, Instagram, or Tumbler it’s easy to get your foot out the door. 

EssKay Ji is a fashion blogger who does most of her work from her Tumbler page, Instagram, and recently YouTube.  EssKay Ji is a fashion inspiration. With her Hip-Hop influence to her fashion, her style is very unique.  Just like any other fashion blogger EssKay Ji started blogging because her outfits stood out.  I had the honor to interview Sandy Gill better known as EssKay Ji.  When I asked how she started in the industry she responded; “Basically for the longest time I was always the friend who would attend events dressed to the nines wearing the most ridiculous outfit, and my friends would always tell me to start taking pictures of my outfits and start posting them online on a blog and writing about them and how I put them together. I slowly became addicted and started being consistent with blogging my outfits and the hustle started to get noticed! That's all!”  Personally following her on her Instagram and Tumbler page regularly, I was curious to find out how it would have been for EssKay Ji if there weren’t any technology.  “I don't think I would exist if there was no technology. I certainly think that new age technology has helped me and is the reason why my art is easily accessible to everyone. I am only doing it because I have an outlet to push my art through,” she says.

EssKay Ji is a stylist who has styled artist such as Superwomen who is known for her hilarious videos on YouTube, and Humble the Poet who is an amazing local rap artist.  With their highly watched new music video ‘Leh’ EssKay Ji was the great stylist behind the scenes.  When asked how she felt when styling Humble the Poet and Superwomen when their styles are very different as her own, she replied; “Styling both Lilly and Humble has been so wonderful, not only because they are such amazing individuals to be around but also because they both allow me full creative control when I style them. They are both so open to trying new things and always make everything look so good. Both of them have also been huge influences behind Esskayji and have helped me get to where I am today.”  The proof is in the video; EssKay Ji definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to fashion. 

The story doesn’t end there, not only is EssKay Ji an amazing stylist she is also a model and a designer of scarves/head wraps, and t-shirts.  With her funky patterns and bright colours we can insure that these head wraps will be displayed all over Toronto.  Her newly designed shirts display the names of all the influential hip-hop artists of all time, from DJ Kool Herc to Eminem.  We can catch up on all her new items of clothing from posts on her Tumbler and Instagram page.  “In the next five years, I see myself with an established and developed clothing line, still blogging and hopefully styling more clients!”  With all her great responses to my questions it was really easy to see who EssKay Ji really is.  She is very confident in who she is, and where she would like to take her career; and I did not need to sit down to talk to her to figure this one out.  With the amount of effort she puts into her Social Media, we can see her personality seep through her clothes. 

What’s next for EssKay Ji “You can definitely look out for more head wraps and t-shirt designs! Excited to share those with you all this year! And of course keep checking for updates, blogs, videos and everything else!”  With her blaring personality seeping through her art in fashion, we can insure that EssKay Ji will not be a stranger in Toronto.  I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next and where this new technology driven fashion world takes her.
Instagram: thesandylion

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