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Loving and Learning in the real 416 - And Looking Good Doing it

Loving and Learning in the real 416 - And Looking Good Doing it

26 year old stylish Torontonian Quinn Tsuiji Bosada offers some style advice for young ladies. 

Quinn Tsuji Bosada is a true Torontonian. She has spent the past 26 years in the city of Toronto. There are few people who know the streets the way this young lady does. Growing up in Moore Park and attending prestigious all girls school Branksome Hall set Bosada up for a successful life in this city - despite genuine hardships.

Miss Tsuiji Bosada has lived all over central Toronto. She has called areas of the city like Moore Park, the Annex and King West home. She currently resides in the King West neighborhood, in a quaint one bedroom walkup near Portland Street. Climbing the rickety old steps up to her apartment for the first time, you begin to absorb the experiences and life she’s called her own. Her place is a tribute to her travels, friends and time she’s spent with her parents. Photo’s and intricate, spiritual art adorn the walls of the 100+ year old space.

She is an avid shopper, always on the lookout for interesting pieces and covetable goods. This lady is a pro. Quinn will regularly cruise the Queen West strip popping in and out of some of her favorite boutiques such as Bicyclette and Love of Mine, keeping an eye on their stock and when sales are happening. She is not one to casually peruse the merchandise - she examines it. “Lots of people don’t like to spend time in stores, going through things. I like to actually spend time looking through all the aisles, all the different sections, to find deals.” explains Bosada. 

She has more than a knack for mixing high and low end pieces. Her look is always polished yet looks effortless. However, not afraid to get creative, Quinn often reworks an outfit. “Colours I think are important. Adding statement pieces to an all black outfit or an all white outfit is something that I think is very classic. Or a great scarf - an oversized scarf. I like keeping it very basic top and bottom, but then adding a crazy shoe or sunglasses, a neat jacket..” She believes comfort is key. “I need to be comfortable. I like being able to put it on and have it fit me and be comfortable for the whole night. I don’t like having to pull this down, or tie that up, or if I need to go to the washroom, I don’t want to feel bound in.”

Boasting one of the most remarkable wardrobes I’ve ever seen, Bosada insists she is always turning over old or unworn items to charity. Her closet is laden with intricate pieces from around the world and through all price points. Just like the city that she has called home her entire life, Quinn’s style is as diverse as the various cultures that reside in Toronto. “I own 3 saris and 3 kimonos and I love wearing bindis. I’ll decorate my hands and I’ll sometimes wear them on my forehead.” Bosadas father was known for his culturally rich collections. “My father would collect Russian relic icons, antique wooden French furniture, a lot clothing such as mens ties, shoes, hats, watches, etc..” His love of intricate, one of a kind items has influenced Quinn in her own style and the way she shops. Her collection of sunglasses and hand jewelry such as watches, rings and bracelets is impressive. 

Working daily, her style has evolved to complement her hectic schedule as a real estate agent. Bosads explains, “Right now I’m really into brooches. I’ll take a dress shirt, button it all the way to the top, then brooch it. I’m opting for lower heels too. Instead of super high pumps, I’m choosing sophisticated lower heels that are more practical for work. Also, A great pair of slacks - work pants. I find myself looking for trendy work pants from Holt Renfrew. I like Theory, I like Wilfred, Banana Republic. I love the Babaton pant at Aritzia.”

Bosada believes every woman should own a few key pieces. “Everyone should have a good pair of stretchy pants. I think all women in their wardrobe should have a nice navy cashmere sweater - a turtleneck even; a pair of ballet flats and a tailored white shirt, that you can accessorize and jazz up.” When asked what she is most comfortable in Bosada smiles, “I don’t want to say..(laughs)-  but a pair of stretchy pants and then an oversized sweater with cool sneakers.”

Bosada has a bright future as a successful agent, but this young woman has overcome her fair share of heartache. At 16 years old, Quinn’s father Robert Bosada passed away suddenly. Being an only child, this was extremely difficult on the young teen. Two winters ago, her 16 year old grey Schnauzer Bingo, had to be put down. Then after years of battling unfortunate health obstacles, her close friend and mother Naomi Tsuji passed only 6 months later, in August of 2012. Being 26 and alone in the city has definitely had its struggles, but this young lady is a prime example of someone who works hard and stays positive, no matter what life throws at her. “If there is one person that loves Toronto more than anything, it’s me. I’m born and raised, I stayed for university, it’s a place that I love to call home.” She values the city she calls home and close friends the way most of us value our siblings. Reflecting on her parents generous spirit, Quinn volunteers at a breakfast program every Wednesday morning at Lord Dufferin junior school, near Regent Park. Helping others has helped Bosada overcome extraordinary grief and focus on what genuinely matters in life. She is a positive ambassador for the city of Toronto - and not just because she has great style. 

Quinn Tsuiji Bosada currently works for Private Service Realty as a real estate agent. She plans on adopting a little black schnauzer within the next year and looks forward to her bright future in this city.  

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