Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interview With Reg Dennis

“Who is your favourite designer(s)?”

“Karl Lagerfeld is still my favourite designer and also Zac Posen at the moment.”

“How do you feel about celebrities getting all the free goodies when they are the people who can afford all the free goodies they get?”

“No. They should not get any freebies at all; they should receive it and give it to charity as a gesture of good will to people who can not afford it.”

"What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?"

“The industry itself can be both a strength and weakness; right now it’s just a piece of junk.”

"Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothes in any way at all or no?"

“Yes I do. All of my garments are wedding gowns, I try to incorporate colour within the garment with beadings, colour thread, fabric, lace, and many other stuff like accessories”

“Where do you get your inspiration from to create unique designs for your client’s desires?”

“My first inspiration starts with the Oscars awards on the red carpet every year since it starts the trend, especially with evening wear. And street wear is also an inspiration for me.”

“What is your favourite fashion season(s) and explain why?”

“Spring is my favourite fashion season just because it’s more colourful, fun, vibrant, fashionable and also it’s a lot easier design and outfit and too sew it.”

“Where do you see your brand going in the near or far future?”

“Well, my brand is all custom designs, so it usually tends to start with the client them self just to get an idea of what their needs and wants are for the garment being made is. And it’s the reason for that it’s designed especially for them.”

“When did you start to experiment with getting into the fashion industry for fashion design?”

“In 2000 I started with sketching out garments, mainly 3 dresses on a piece of paper, and then I presented to them to my colleague I was working with at the time. We further discussed them to whether I was good enough i was good to pursue a career fashion and design. I then proceeded in a course just for sketching alone. And then after discussing with the teacher of the program we determined that my progress from the start of the program to the end of the program had gone from stick people to full sketches in colour and proportionate figures, I started my career just after.”

“In your spare time besides designing and making garments, what do you like to do?”

“My main focus is on clothes, I go to check retail and bridal stores and get magazines, to see what the latest styles, colours etc are popular to make sure I’m on top of the trends and make sure what information I’m giving my customers are accurate.”

“Do you plan to extend your business/line in the near or far future and why?”

“No, it’s all going to be custom design. And the reason for that is that there’s no room for inventory to be kept and it also cuts down on cost in a way.”

“Do you have any educational background for fashion design at all?”

“Yes I do have an education. I have a certificate for fashion design, from Algonquin College in Ottawa.”

“When did you first realize that you wanted to design outfits and enter the fashion industry?”

“I always had an interest fashion decide I wanted to design and create garments, and decided that I wanted pursue career in it, and a totally different industry.”

“How do you become inspired for a certain design you create?”

“I start by looking at other designs for inspirations, while following other designers’ lines as well.”

“Do you try to keep with the latest trends or do you create your own?”

“I look at the latest trends but I try not to focus on them a lot.”

“Do you come up with concepts for designs first or is it more of an unplanned thing?”

“The client and I come up with a concept of a design and we create it together to conform to the clients’ needs and wants for the outfit being made for them.”

“How long does it take to draft out pattern pieces for and outfit and to sew it?”

“The actual outfit sewing part only takes 3 weeks to a month the most. The whole fitting process can takes up to 4 months, since most clients try to lose weight and be in shape for their wedding, so their weight because of this goes up and down, which means a lot of adjustments has to be made in the time period for each of the fittings.”

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