Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snap, sparkle, pop!

Snap, sparkle, pop!

Five wardrobe staples that could become statements just by adding a bit of colour.

Foot Flash (Shoes)
A lady should know a thing or two about these wonderful creations already but with a bit of colour a whole new world can be created, one maybe even worthy of some camera time.

Boom Box (Bags)

In the modern day world a bag isn't just a utility item, it could be the piece that makes or breaks an outfit so why not get loud and make everyone else dance to the beat of your drum.

Candy Coated (Coats)

Whether it be the harsh winter weather or the spring or the fall, there is no real need to blend in with the environment. See your investment as you would if you were a kid in the candy store and reach for the brightest treat.

Spray Painted (Dress)
A good fit is a necessity when it comes to choosing a great dress but with a little colour, headlines will be yours and that little black dress will become nothing but a backup plan.

Hot Cakes (Jeans)

Fresh out of the oven and onto the streets, the latest is a jean with a top layer of coloured icing. It could be wide leg, skinny fit or just plain regular jeans, indulge and let your sweet tooth guide you to the many different flavours of denim.

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