Friday, October 16, 2009

How to Indulge in Guilty Pleasures...and Please Him!

Entertain yourself, satisfy him, and bring that spark back into your relationship!

Our Reality TV Shows- Many of us have dates at least once a week with one (or many) flaming hot, spontaneous, tantalizing reality T.V shows. Instead of just watching Dancing with The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, or America's Best Dance Crew, live it!

Salsa dancing is very intimate. It brings couples together emotionally and physically since they learn how to interact with their partner on another level. Salsa dancing builds confidence and it's a great way of staying fit without going to the boring gym! Men basically dominate the dance floor with confidence as they are in control of their partner. The increase in their level of control and confidence means their level of testosterone is going up too!

Chocolate & Wine- The age-old guilty pleasure. Instead of ducking into closets, or hiding behind ledges counting your calorie consumption and wondering whether your jeans will still fit; relax and share these treats with your man.

Why: Phenylethylamine and serotonin act as mood lifters which are ingredients in chocolate. Wine relaxes our bodies and stimulates our senses, enhancing any romantic interlude.

Stalking your Man on Facebook- You know you do it! You examine his page for girls leaving flirty comments, you gawk at his pictures which act as a constant reminder of how lucky you are to have him.

Why: Everyone likes to be acknowledged. Send him a message and tell him how much you miss him! Or be a little risque and give him a preview of what will happen when he comes home, or what you're wearing!

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