Monday, November 03, 2008

Hot on the Hill

Priscilla Levac shreds the hill and her new collection

These days there are so many different role models fluttering in and out of the magazines. Good ideals are hard to come by with scandals in the tabloids almost every day; why not look to Levac, a killer woman snowboarder for inspiration both on and off the hill. From Canada and sponsored by many notable companies, such as DC shoes, Spy and Monster; she only started riding when she was fourteen, now going strong on the snowboarding scene, she is one of the most adventurous up and coming women. 

When ever she talks about going to a snowboarding contest she gets so stoked; it’s wonderful for Levac to have a job that she loves, as well, she’s just starting her own company. How could a girl from a town as small as Montebella Quebec have achieved so much? Well it’s all thanks to her mother who moved her out to British Columbia when she was younger. She had to learn English when she moved there because she was never taught it when she was in Quebec. This is a great accomplishment for a teenager spending most of her time on the hill but that time certainly paid off. She was named Snowboarding Magazine’s female rider of the year in 2005, won the US Open of Snowboarding in 2004 and Queen of the Hill that same year as well as got second in the Session at Vail, CO. Levac thinks events are fun, but she’d much prefer to head off into the backcountry with snowmobiles and a bunch of good friends than pin a contest bib on. 

Daredevil Levac loves to go out into the back country and jumps off of cliffs with only a board strapped to her feet for fun, so starting her own under layer company must have been a snap. Her own company called Cilla started when she had a snowboarding accident and broke her fibula. As said in Pacsun’s Future Snowboarding on September 13th, 2007, Levac has always dreamt of creating her own company in the snowboarding industry and she “had the idea of first layers because most of them out there are pretty boring and not so functional.” Her contribution to women's snowboard fashion has been amazing so far; her functional fashion pieces include the June which is a fleece top with a waterproof band around the bum. Erin Comstock said on Cilla’s website that, “the waterproof band kept my bum warm all winter. I never ever got snow down my pants when I wore this top! It is the ultimate piece to snowboarding in!” The new collection will be coming out in ’09 but right now she has a few pieces in stores in North America and on her website:


When she’s not designing her new under layer line, she’s busy jibbing rails for movies or contests. Most notably she was in Love/Hate by Kidsnow Productions as well as Ro Sham Bo by Misschief Films, in these she does more rails but she loves jumps a lot more. Being an amazing women snowboarder means that many younger girls look up to her, she even has one fan who she is very personal with named Emma. Just like the the pop stars, she has a fan base, and with her new company’s designs she should be a figurehead for young snowboarding girls everywhere. Levac brings a new sort of sexy to the stage, instead of flashy dance outfits, she sports a more subtle attractiveness. Modeling for her new clothing line she has a modelesque body and this can be seen even when she’s riding the hill in her snow clothes with the guys, sometimes even showing them up a little. Many riders such as Mikey Lablanc even compare her to Mark Frank Montoya with her easy going but sometimes competitive riding style, it’s easy to see why she’s coming out on top.

However, despite her fearless nature, she is also quite down to earth, loving soy lattes that she makes herself and oil painting to jazz on a rainy day. She loves to hike with one of her best friends: her dog. She is a model for fitness through her job as well as on her spare time, snowboarding is a rigorous sport and she more than does her share to keep up with some of the top male snowboarders her age. She is anyone and everyone, showing what anyone can succeed when they have a passion for something so great it drives them forward for the rest of their lives. 

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