Thursday, September 11, 2008

Suggestions For Oh, George! Fall/Winter

  • Have more editorial photo shoots
  • More photos
  • Better quality pictures (Some are too dark in previous magazines)
  • More art influence
  • Interesting photography (artistic)
  • More pictures/graphics/drawings
  • Eye-catching cover
  • More interesting background for each page of the magazine instead of just white
  • Publish ads that push borders
  • Keep content fresh by publishing stories that are unique
  • Innovative pieces
  • Good writing; quality over quantity
  • Good number of readers
  • Push writers to go out on a limb and make BOLD predictions of future fashions/trends
  • No extras ie. horoscopes, quizzes etc. and fill with more pieces by students
  • Really geared towards market; more interviews with young designers, entreprenuers, bands
  • Local designers
  • Interview with Dagg and Stacey-Fashion Editorial
  • Interview Peter Papateau/Serge Icerbel (Lush magazine fashion director)
  • Interviews with new, Canadian designers
  • Interviews with students from George Brown
  • Promote GB fashion students within our programs and community
  • Promote GB students who have started their own clothing and jewelry lines
  • Music Section- ie. bands, CD reviews; music with fashion tie-ins
  • Reviews of fashion shows
  • Neighborhood Spotlights- ie. stores that are lesser known in the Annex, Yorkville, etc.
  • Local finds, shops, gems
  • Toronto style hotspots ie. discovering the city; toronto fashion map
  • Local Toronto fashion scene
  • Comparing fashion in Toronto to fashion in an other city ie. Tokyo
  • Fashions in Korea (will be traveling there in Oct.)
  • Travel
  • Seasonal trends- ie. XMas fashion
  • Perfect drinks/coctsails for Christmas season
  • How to throw an awesome party
  • Makeup and hair matching your outfit
  • Top ten trends and how to work them
  • ‘Must haves’ from Fashion Week or for the season
  • Advice column about common fashion problems
  • ‘Fashion Police’ but choose stylish people and comment on why they look good
  • Interview people on the street about how they would describe their style
  • ‘What’s in your Bag?’- popular magazine in Japan
  • Look into different parts of the fashion industry; different genres
  • Grunge vs. Luxe inspiration
  • Incorporate many different fashion styles in to the writing ie. grunge, hippy, etc.
  • Environmental issues


Oh, George! said...

i like these suggestions

Peter Slack said...

Love some of the ses suggestions and the new layout. can we get rid of the exclaimation point in the title? It makes it sound corny I feel...