Tuesday, November 13, 2007

launch party

the more the help the marrier..
we are planning for the launch party of "oh george" on the last day of our journalism class!!

we have a team of people helping with..
-treats (cupcakes, cookies, etc.)
and any other ideas that anyone may have.

if you have any ideas or just want to do anything to help out with the launch please feel free too!

let us know what your planning on contributing on our blog and we will figure out what else may be needed.
thanks guys!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely bake something for that if needed as well as decorations.


Anonymous said...

Or anything else that is needed. Just let me know.



natalie said...

i'd be happy to help if anything is needed as well. please email me if i can do anything.


Anonymous said...

Does we still want to ask for donations to the salvation army?
my friends dad works there and he gave me a list of places locations in toronto. i can bring that to class on wednesday or let me know and i will put it up on the blog


Oh, George! said...

hey guys.
anything works
baked goods, posters!!! ( we should get those up fast) buttt we need to get them stamped by the student association!!
like i said before
the more the marrier
thanks for everyones help